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Zapp Pure UV Sterilizer - ZP-20

Zapp Pure UV Sterilizer - ZP-20

  • 1,49995 is proud to offer the Zapp Pure line of high performance Ultraviolet Sterilizers. This exciting UV Sterilizer was designed to effectively control pond algae and work with today's low amperage pumps and high flow filters, such as the AlphaOne Koi Pond Filtration System. Sporting an impressive 4" vessel with 2" inlets/outlets means no flow restrictions. These UV Sterilizers are truly high performance/high intensity units utilizing over 70,000 microwatts of killing power. Few UV's can make this claim.

These units will not nickle and dime you to death. Replace only one lamp instead of several. This could save you big bucks. Changing a lamp or ballast on these units is simple. Remove the top cover, unplug the single 4 prong connector, slide the lamp out and insert the new one and you're done. Removing the quartz tube is just as simple.

The ZP-20 UV Sterilizer is 43" tall with stainless steel construction for years of trouble-free service. For Ponds up to 20,000 gallons with flow rates of 6,000 gph.

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