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Prazi Pond Plus

Prazi Pond Plus

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Prazi Pond Plus (Praziquantel - pronounced "pratz-eh-KWON-tel") is the hands-down best treatment for flukes available to pond keepers. It is the most gentle, yet effective treatment and also rids fish of any internal parasites or worms. It is safe, requires one dose, no water changes, and has no reef or filter effects associated with its use! Prazi will work with any amount of salt in the pond and is not water temperature dependent. Treatment with Prazi is recommended every spring as a preventative.

"PRAZI" is a filter and reef-filter* safe, effective treatment for fresh and saltwater flukes (trematodes) both monogenic and diagenetic. One application remains in the water long enough to kill all phases, when dosed correctly. No water changes are needed!


One treatment, not two

No water changes needed

Safe for all species of non food fish including Orfe, Goldfish and Rudd.

No filter or reef bio-filter effects

Deworms cestodes, anasakis, capillaria and other intestinal parasites as well!

Prazi is used as a dewormer for humans, dogs and cats sold under the name Droncit.

Prazi is available in  50 gram (Treats about 5,000 gallons) and 100 gram bottles (treats about 10,000 gallons).

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