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A seven-minute, external disinfectant bath that really clears Aeromonas sores, mouthrot, and finrot!

What It Is:
As good as injections! Tricide Neo is a bath treatment made with a convenient packet of crystals. The fish should NOT be dipped for more than five to seven minutes. That's FAST!

What It's Good At:
Tricide Neo is used to treat koi BODY SORES, MOUTH ROT and FINROT. Generalized 'pink-skin' caused by bacterial infections is also treated. Any superficial bacterial infection can be treated with Tricide Neo and to a limited extent, the type of bacteria isn't important because of this compounds mode of action.


About fifteen years ago, the Emerging Diseases Research Group at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine began working on treatments for resistant bacteria, and developed an agent that makes otherwise resistant bacteria susceptible to safer and older antibiotics. The potentiator that has proven effective against the "super" bugs that infect human burns is also effective against the common bacteria associated with topical infections in ornamental koi and goldfish.

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