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Debride Medicated Ointment

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Debride® ointment is great at cleaning wounds and helping to speed healing when applying to an ulcer or body sore in Koi or Goldfish. In about 90% of cases, no injections were needed to bring about a full recovery.

It is a petroleum based medication containing antiinflammatories and topical anesthetics. In order to apply Debride, you must be willing to handle the fish.

Before Debride, topical treatments for ulcers and body sores were treated with Iodine and then later potassium permanganate rubs and even more recently, hydrogen peroxide. These have one thing in common, they excoriate or burn the adjacent tissues. Debride cream does not, it can be relied upon to clean a wound, applied with a cotton ball or a clean gauze without irritation. Then Debride results in accelerated healing. You have to try it for yourself. Debride comes with a money back guarantee.

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