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Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X for Fresh & Salt Water - 5 lb (2.26 kg) EML265

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Ammonia causes redness of fins, excessive mucus production, poor general health, pinecone disease, and flashing in fish.

Ecological Lab's Microbe-Lift Dry Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X removes and detoxifies Ammonia, Chloramines, and Chlorine and is suitable for use with fish and shellfish intended for Human consumption.

ClorAm-X Hints For Success
  1. Understand Your Water Quality. Will your live stock go into... clean water, grey water (used), etc. 
  2. Take Ammonia Readings. Before shipping; 1/2 way through shipping; at the END of shipping. 
  3. Follow Dosage Rates. Do Not Use more than 10 times the listed dosage rate. Depending on livestock load, 5-7 times is usual. 
  4. Treatment holds for 72 + hours. 
  5. ClorAm-X is completely water soluble.
  6. ClorAm-X is capable of being metabolized in ordinary biological filters. 
  7. ClorAm-X can be combined with antibiotics and anesthestics. 
  8. Cloram-X can be used for the return of water, back to waterways. 
  9. Use a salicylate reagent test kit to determine total ammonia concentration. 

Dosage Rates: For each measured, or anticipated, 1 mg/L total ammonia: 1 oz. of ClorAm-X will treat 235 gals. of water. It will remove 1 ppm of total ammonia, 3.2 ppm chloramines and 2.0 ppm chlorine.
Treats :
5 lb: 18,800 gal. (71,165 L) EML265

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